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Your Dream Work Date is Here!

Ever gotten an exciting idea for a free challenge, guest post, group program, or retreat — and when you sit down to try to make it happen, you get STUCK??

You can feel it… You can see it!

But if you can actually get some ideas down on paper, you question if they make sense, if they will resonate, if your idea is any good.

In the end, that google doc with random pieces of copy ends up lost somewhere on your google drive. And the idea becomes a pit of frustration in your stomach.

Maybe you’ve even worked with a great business coach, but those after those 30-minute coaching calls, you’ve felt overwhelmed about how to put it into action.

It’s sooooo frustrating because you KNOW you should be out there in a much bigger way. You KNOW you’ve got a lot of people you’re here to reach. (And your bank account is ready for the next upgrade too.)

What if…

You could brainstorm with a copywriter & strategist who’s written for six-figure launches and created launch plans with crazy brilliant entrepreneurs?

And instead of feeling stuck again and again, what if you could have regular accountability AND a killer outside eye (& brain) to get your project DONE??

After spending years behind the scenes of big launches, I am now bringing all my expertise to you in THE DREAM WORK DATE!

Working with me is like having a messaging guru, marketing strategist, and copywriting doula all in one… topped with a whole bunch of magic!

It’s a full-on cataclysmic experience towards greater clarity and ultimately — your ticket to making magic happen in your business and bank account.

Ready dive in? Here’s how it works:

For three months, you and I meet for 2-hour work date sessions! (Either weekly or twice per month, depending on the level of support you need.)

That’s right — we’ve got nice, long sessions together to brainstorm and get into the nitty gritty of copy, too!

In the first session, we’ll dive deep into your vision, ideas, goals or dreams. We’ll do a Universal Health Principles session to process fears or stuck belief systems in the way. These sessions can support you to feel more relaxed, creative, open, and ready to go for it.

Then, we’ll create a strategy for what you want to create over the next 3 months. Like a free challenge, next level website copy, group program, or an opt-in gift & list-building strategy. You get the idea!

Together, we can create an outline for your copy and a strategy for putting it out in the world. Our meetings will hold you accountable for getting it done!

Between sessions, you’ll check in with me once a week, sending what you’re working on. I’ll review and give you feedback so you can keep moving forward!

Then, during our work dates, we can brainstorm, review, edit, or even re-write your copy (in case of copy-mergency)!

On top of all that, you can get laser Universal Health sessions from me during our work dates — to support you in moving through the fears and hidden beliefs that arise!

Ready to get killer a amazing outside eye & brain and rock-steady accountability to GO FOR IT?!

Click below for more info!

The Dream Work Date Full ImmersionThe Dream Work Date Jumpstart Intensive

The Dream Work Date “Launch Doula” Program: We meet for a 90-minute session almost every week for 4 months. (One week each month is an Integration Week.)

Between sessions, you also get a mid-week check-in with me: you’ll email me what you’re working on, and I’ll review, give you feedback, and edit it so you can keep moving! (Say goodbye to being stuck, baby!)

Investment: $1500/Month for 4 Months

Click here to get started.

The Dream Work Date Jumpstart Intensive: A 2-hour intensive.

You, moi, and your messy pieces of copy/unhatched ideas/launch strategy needing a breath of new life. You’ll have my brain and my copywriting fully at your service for this 2-hour intensive. Includes a UHP session to release the energetic gunk. A great option if you want to “test drive” what it’s like to work together.

Investment: $500

Buy now.

Elizabeth has helped me strategize and execute multiple 6-figure launches!

Elizabeth is an incredible copywriter! She’s helped me strategize and execute multiple 6-figure launches, such as my Publicity Mastermind and my signature group coaching program. She’s also helped me to write guest posts for online influencers that more than doubled my list. Along with being a strong writer, she’s also a gifted creative collaborator. She’s versatile in mediums across the board — like writing sales pages, co-creating scripts for talks and webinars, and overseeing launch copy from start to finish.

– Selena Soo, Publicity Coach

Elizabeth Blue is the real deal…

She listens, feels, and gets how to unpeel the layers that keep you stuck! (even if you didn’t know you were!!!) What we are doing is way beyond copywriting. It’s a collaborative partnership and working relationship with energy work, copy support, and launch execution! Each step of the way, we are creating shifts inside of me to create what I want to create.

If you’re ready to do the work on yourself to get your message out, this is the place! Come ready… because things will shift!

– Christine Walsh Egan, author of Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer

She took me step by step and then the magic unfolded itself!

On my first call with Elizabeth, I was in tears as I knew this program had to come through, but I was so overwhelmed with my business and baby, and didn’t know what the next step should be. I knew the feeling behind the 5-day challenge & program I wanted to create, but didn’t know what to do next! Elizabeth helped get me so clear about what I’m passionate about offering, put it in words, and bring it to life!

She took me step by step and then the magic unfolded itself! I had over 400 people opting in for my very first group challenge, and I made back my investment back the first day I opened sales for my program!

– Rachael Hall, Franklin Method Teacher, Pilates Instructor and UHP Practitioner
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