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Universal Health Principles

Universal Health Principles has been one of the most supportive tools in my life that’s helped me to listen to the creative ideas inside me and GO FOR THEM!

(I’m talking the real, true, joy-filled ideas that don’t fit some prescribed bill of what I “should” be doing. They’re the brand-new fresh ideas that are specifically coming through me!)

I offer UHP sessions to support the process of turning down the naysaying voices, turning up the inspired ideas, and releasing the gunk that stops us from taking action!

UHP sessions can take you from feeling stressed, anxious, and unsure how to pull everything off to having more trust in yourself, more fun, and more creativity flowing through your life.

UHP is based on a few principles on how our bodies — and the Universe — is designed!

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. Like when you get a cut on your finger and it heals. Our bodies are designed to heal all of our pain in the same way — both physical, emotional, physiological, and mental.

So the question is — then why do I still have these f$!&ing problems!

Throughout life, stresses happen. Maybe as a kid, someone made fun of us. Or our parents got angry at us. Or a whole range of trauma could have happened. These stresses stop the communication system in our body, and that’s what leads to the symptoms in our body and mind.

Universal Health Principles sessions improve the communication in our body, which leads to us seeing many of those symptoms finally vanish!

As in, the fears release, the stuck belief systems get processed, the stories melt away. We can go from living in the stressed sympathetic nervous system to the peaceful parasympathetic nervous system. (i.e., we’ll be more chilled out.) And we can experience more joy, excitement, and inspiration!

I would love to support you through the magic of these sessions. You can sign up for either a 1-time UHP session ($80) or a 5-Pack and ($350).

Get a one-time session here.

Get the 5-pack of sessions here and save $50.

Getting a session from Elizabeth Blue is like having a unicorn pop out from behind the curtains and grant you all your favorite wishes!

Which is to say, Blue is pure magic and her sessions evoke the deepest, sweetest sense of connection and play. I always feel like I can be light again, like life is possible again, like the dreams I dream are dreamable again after I have received a session from Blue. And even though she is whimsical and imaginative and playful, she also comes with a no-nonsense approach where she is able to hone in on the body and what it has to say and deliver its messages with matter of fact clarity and vision. I can’t recommend Blue’s know-how and presence in sessions enough!

– Caitlin Naramore, UHP practitioner and Private Chef

The healing and support I have walked away with is profound

My job is highly stressful, and I have often turned to Elizabeth Blue for a supportive UHP session. The healing and support I have walked away with is profound. I have precious memories from each of my sessions with Elizabeth. The imagery that emerges between us is always right on. Elizabeth’s gift for attuning to self and others keeps me coming back for more.

– Jamie Ansley, MA, RDT