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Elizabeth has helped me strategize and execute multiple 6-figure launches!

Elizabeth is an incredible copywriter! She’s helped me strategize and execute multiple 6-figure launches, such as my Publicity Mastermind and my signature group coaching program. She’s also helped me to write guest posts for online influencers that more than doubled my list. Along with being a strong writer, she’s also a gifted creative collaborator. She’s versatile in mediums across the board — like writing sales pages, co-creating scripts for talks and webinars, and overseeing launch copy from start to finish.

– Selena Soo, Publicity Coach

Blue worked alongside me to help generate $500,000 in revenue!

Blue has been such an asset to my business since its inception. She has worked alongside me to help me generate $500,000 in revenue over 2 years, to multiply my list, and reach thousands of women. Her copywriting, attention to detail, and perfectionist vision were invaluable to me building out my business. She is truly multitalented — She’s helped me with creating video scripts, coached me on my delivery, allowing me to have more fun and feel more natural and confident in front of the camera. She also supported me in creating the content for my first one day live event, which completely sold out! Blue coached me on creating content for the entire day from the first story to the final pitch. We brainstormed, and she was able to pull out the best stuff that was already inside of me. With her help I had a $20,000 day!

– Kavita J Patel, Love Coach

Blue is amazing! So talented and truly brilliant.

Blue got my voice down immediately! I felt like she legitimately was able to read my mind and said things better than I ever would be able to. I feel like I was able to communicate the value of my services so much more clearly and easily with her on my team. Blue is amazing! She’s so reliable, so talented and truly brilliant.

– Jordana Jaffe, Business Coach

I got more insights in our one conversation than I did at that entire business retreat!

Afterwards, I changed my business model and started booking clients in my first month. I’ve been in Internet marketing for over 10 years, and I know all the stuff I should be doing, but YOU are the person who’s able to actually get me taking massive action!

– Jason Silver, Love Coach

Elizabeth has a keen instinct for seeing what makes you different and the unique value you bring to your niche.

In one [long, heartfelt, supportive] conversation, she helped set me on a course to pursue a detail of my expertise that has become my calling card and the thing I’m known for

– Amanda Berlin, Copy + Publicity Coach

Elizabeth is truly one of the best copywriters out there!

I had worked with a couple of other copywriters for various parts of my site rebrand and neither of them could come up with a winning tagline and the perfect video script. I was introduced to Elizabeth through a friend, at a time when I had a pretty tight deadline. After talking with me for just 1 hour, Elizabeth delivered a script and tagline that was beyond perfect for my ideal customer! Elizabeth saved me so much time and made the entire process incredibly easy. I’ve received amazing feedback on both my video and my tagline by so many people… and I haven’t even launched my new site yet! Elizabeth is truly one of the best copywriters out there.

– Elsa Isaac, Stylist for Women Changing the World + MarieTV

She took me step by step and then the magic unfolded itself!

On my first call with Elizabeth, I was in tears as I knew this program had to come through, but I was so overwhelmed with my business and baby, and didn’t know what the next step should be. I knew the feeling behind the 5-day challenge & program I wanted to create, but didn’t know what to do next! Elizabeth helped get me so clear about what I’m passionate about offering, put it in words, and bring it to life!

She took me step by step and then the magic unfolded itself! I had over 400 people opting in for my very first group challenge, and I made back my investment back the first day I opened sales for my program!

– Rachael Hall, Franklin Method Teacher, Pilates Instructor and UHP Practitioner

She’s so much more than a copywriter. She knows how to move a project forward on so many levels for progress to occur.

Elizabeth is freaking awesome. I came to her with an idea for my first 30-day challenge, and she helped me make it a reality. She’s so much more than a copywriter… She also understands how to move a project forward on so many levels for progress to occur. She asks the right questions to get the right information and out of my head (her prompts and probing are really, really good). The deadlines, accountability, excitement, and support have kept me on track for my first launch, even with my super busy schedule. I’ve now got prospective clients in the que hungry and excited to learn more from me!

– Sandy Sponaugle, CEO of Platinum PR


I came to Blue because I wanted to do more speaking but felt totally blocked about my story and my message. With Blue’s help, I got clarity on my message, my story, and created an awesome talk! Her ability to really listen to how things in my life experience could tie together as a story was fantastic. I now feel more confident and comfortable on stage, sharing my story and owning my message. I’m more clear in communicating what I really want to talk about in my business. I recently shared my talk at an event and the entire experience was transformational! Blue is FANTASTIC! If you are lacking clarity in telling your story, having the confidence to do so and want to get clear on your message, work with Blue!

– Anna Goldstein, Life Coach

I loved every single word!

OMG my overall feedback is that YOU ARE AMAZING! I loved every single word of the copy! Thank you!

– Kelly Lynn Adams, Life + Business Coach

Her advice and insight is spot-on!

When I came to Elizabeth I was confused about how to clarify my message through the story I wanted to tell in my talk. The project felt daunting and a little out of control, but Elizabeth was able to streamline my message, organize the speech, and also to bring out the small details I was leaving out that made my storytelling more personal and exciting to the listener. Her advice and insight were spot on and very specific in terms of what needed to be done, but also always professional and kind which is so important when you’re in the middle of the ofttimes sensitive process of creativity! After two sessions working together I had a talk that was exactly the length it needed to be, one that felt like it belonged to me, and it shared my message in a clear and interesting way. I look forward to working with Elizabeth in more depth in the future, as I continue to develop myself as a speaker.

– Maia Macek, Life Coach

An expert on crafting stories that pack a punch

Elizabeth Blue is a both a gem and an expert on crafting stories that pack a punch. She shaped my signature talk into a vivid, engaging and fun ride. It induces laughter, empathy and inspiration and helps me connect to my audiences powerfully — which I recently did on Suzanne Evans & Larry Winget’s stage in L.A.! I highly recommend her work and believe she can do the same for you.

– Richard Oceguera, CEO and Founder of Richard Oceguera Coaching

Elizabeth is magnetic!

Elizabeth has an inner bazinga that is magnetic! She has the wisdom of an old soul, and is able to help clients find and express their unique message powerfully.

– Kelly Epperson, Book Coach and Editor

Blue’s ability to tune into your frequency and delicately guide you toward your desired final destination is remarkable.

Working with Blue was like that iconic scene in Ghost where they’re shaping the clay bowl together – she was my Patrick Swayze. When I went to Lizzie with my solo show “Weaksauce”, it was more or less an unkempt mess of my personal stories. And under her guidance, she helped me shape it into a show that I didn’t even know I had in me. I’m not someone who usually enjoys collaborating with other artists when I’m writing, but Blue’s ability to tune into your frequency, and delicately guide you toward your desired final destination is remarkable. Everything she touches becomes deeper, funnier and sweeter.

– Sam Mullins, Award-winning storyteller

Blue has a remarkable ability to strengthen your work while keeping your writing voice and purpose intact.

Blue has an incredible ability to get at the heart of what needs work and gracefully help guide you to that place. She has a remarkable ability to strengthen your work while keeping your writing voice and purpose intact. Before we worked together, I was an anxious and a mess, contacting her just a week before I was to open a new show, filled with worry that what I had created wouldn’t be understandable or interesting. Her calming presence and insightful feedback gave me the support and adjustments that allowed me to focus and get up on stage a week later to sold out crowds and critical acclaim. I will keep coming back to Blue for all my future projects because I trust and respect both her creative knowledge and insight, and her prompt reliable professionalism.

– Una Osato, Award-winning Performance Artist

Getting a UHP session from Elizabeth Blue is like having a unicorn pop out from behind the curtains and grant you all your favorite wishes!

Which is to say, Blue is pure magic and her sessions evoke the deepest, sweetest sense of connection and play. I always feel like I can be light again, like life is possible again, like the dreams I dream are dreamable again after I have received a session from Blue. And even though she is whimsical and imaginative and playful, she also comes with a no-nonsense approach where she is able to hone in on the body and what it has to say and deliver its messages with matter of fact clarity and vision. I can’t recommend Blue’s know-how and presence in sessions enough!

– Caitlin Naramore

The healing and support I have walked away with is profound

My job is highly stressful, and I have often turned to Elizabeth Blue for a supportive UHP session. The healing and support I have walked away with is profound. I have precious memories from each of my sessions with Elizabeth. The imagery that emerges between us is always right on. Elizabeth’s gift for attuning to self and others keeps me coming back for more.

– Jamie Ansley, MA, RDT

Joining the Walk and Write group changed my life. I mean it.

It was past time for me to do something new. I jumped at the 31-day-challenge, feeling it would focus some action and direction. Every day turned into a new adventure. The last photo I took on day 31 will be my cover photo and title. Day after day, I was surprised by the creativity continuity produced. Wonderful idea. I still walk and write daily. A gentle discipline is good for me.

– Victoria Robertson, Writer

She changed my view on the writing process by making it easy and fun.

I loved working with Elizabeth. She changed my view on the writing process by making it easy and fun. The weekly assignments in Walk and Write were very original and out of the box. Moreover, she got me to walk almost everyday making me more productive and grounded during the day.

– Inge van der Putten, PhD Student and Researcher

I would love to do it again and again.

I did Walk and Write with Elizabeth in December and loved it. It was a simple, effective but also challenging tool that also helped me get back in touch with myself, my struggles and my hopes. It helped me find more clarity, while getting support and wise guidance from Elizabeth and the group. I would love to do it again and again. Since doing this work, I feel more ready to follow my passion and feel more positive about the outcome. I continue to walk and write on my own, as it became a practice for me that enhances my creative process.

– Olia Toporovsky, Writer, Improviser, and Owner of Olia Designs Jewelry

In Walk and Write, my ideas and writing flowed easily and courageously

For me, Walk and Write was a perfect body-mind tool, as the walking not only pleased my muscles and breathing but also cleared out my mental cobwebs. My ideas and writing subsequently flowed easily and courageously. In the end, walking all but 2 and writing all but 1 of the 31 days, I had written in my book, for my website, and to friends. I’d also become healthier in body and mind for having taken this challenge. Thanks, Elizabeth Blue, for your dedication to walking, to writing, and to us!

– Rita Durant, Writer, Franklin Method Teacher, Yoga Instructor

Since Walk and Write, I’ve continued writing and started submitting my stories to publications!

I really appreciated the space being held. To know that others are walking and writing, and how supportive and consistent you have been in the process. Elizabeth is never without a kind word of encouragement and beauty. The CreateBooks have been excellent also. Since Walk and Write, I’ve continued writing and started submitting my stories to publications! Thank you Elizabeth! You are a lovely shining light!

– Christa Anne, Writer
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