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Message Activation

The 4-Month Program

Let’s Light A Fire in Your Belly to Write, Speak, and Create!

Does your message feel murky? Does writing (or talking) about what you do feel forced?

Like you have to follow some sort of template that doesn’t feel true for you? (But it’s not working very well?)

You’re not taking much action because the truth is that you don’t really want to.

So you’re stuck, frustrated, and not sure how to move forward in your business.

Things are just okay… and you want them to be AWESOME.

It’s not that you aren’t passionate about what you do. You have moments of giving clients incredible results.

But there’s a certain fire in your belly missing. The downloads aren’t coming. Attempting to write newsletters, promo copy — even status updates — feels hard.

Meanwhile, you see other people who are totally tuned in and turned on, churning out programs, Facebook posts, videos, and even getting featured in big-name magazines, podcasts… you name it!


What do they have that I don’t have?

The answer:

They know what they stand for.

And they’re out there in the battlefield, standing for it.

At some point, they had to go, This scares me, but I’m gonna do it anyway!

So, how can you go from feeling stuck to having that fire in your belly to write, create, and promote the heck out of yourself?

You Need Permission to Be YOU!!!!

The core ideas that you’re here to share with the world are not something that can be invented.

Chances are, your message clarity is right in front of you, but you can’t see it.

Because it IS you.

There are clues all over your life to point to what it is.

We might not see it ourselves because it’s too scary… Because often — it’s the place we feel flawed. It’s the message we’re STILL struggling to learn ourselves.

We hold back because of the classic question, “Who am *I* to talk about this? Can I actually say THAT???”

You need someone to say, “YES, you can, and you MUST!”

Because that scary thing to say? That’s what we all need to hear.

From YOU. Because it is SO true for you.

We don’t need an enlightened person on a pedestal telling us what to say or do. We need someone who’s in the game right there with us — learning and relearning their message every day.

That’s why you’re the perfect person to share this with us.

So, let’s do this.

In the Message Activation Program, I help you get clarity on your message and claim the permission to speak it.

You get accountability and brainstorming help to start consistently writing and sharing (newsletters, Facebook posts, writing for guest blogs, making social media videos – you get it!)

And then to experience the relief that comes when you can finally be truly you — on all your platforms, in all your copy, and in everything you create… So your people can finally find you!

Because this is the game we’re all playing here.

Formulaic doesn’t work. Forced, fake, copycat copy is boring.

And it certainly won’t lead to the growing audience, fully booked programs, or book deal.

The Message Activation Program is one part private sessions, and another part you on the battlefield. i.e., writing newsletters, posting on Facebook, livestreaming, sharing on Instagram!

Because to get that clarity, you’ve got to do BOTH.

How it works:

  • In our first 90-minute session, we’ll start with a Universal Health Principles session to support releasing any stagnant belief systems holding you hostage, or old emotional gunk weighing you down. Then we’ll dive into your vision, your dreams, and go on a hunt to find the ideas you’re truly here to say. On the way, breaking through whatever it is that’s keeping you from owning them.
  • You’ll get action steps — this could be a private writing practice, or public writing and sharing — all depending on what you need and are ready for. Then, you’ll go out there and go for it! Keeping me regularly updated along the way.
  • We’ll meet twice a month for 90-minute sessions over 4 months as you continue your journey of writing and sharing. You’ll get accountability and brainstorming support to come up with the juiciest content you want to be sharing (and that your audience wants to hear). We address any stuck points that come up along the way, and get some more breakthroughs a’comin! You’ll continue your writing/sharing/creative homework, keeping me updated.
  • Between sessions, you get one Feedback check-in, where you can send me what you’re working on, and I’ll review and edit it, or give you prompts to strengthen it.

So, are you to finally feel lit up and turned on to say what you want to say? Let’s do this!

Investment: $850/month for 4 months

Click here to get started.

Elizabeth has a keen instinct for seeing what makes you different and the unique value you bring to your niche.

In one [long, heartfelt, supportive] conversation, she helped set me on a course to pursue a detail of my expertise that has become my calling card and the thing I’m known for.

– Amanda Berlin, Copy + Publicity Coach

Our conversation set me free!

Our conversation really set me free. It gave me permission to stop marketing myself the way I thought I “should” — which felt uncomfortable, a little bit boring, and just not true to me at all. I couldn’t believe you were telling me I was allowed to start saying fuck in my marketing (in my tag line, no less!) and to start honestly telling it like it is, both in my messaging and with my clients. But this is who I’ve always been, and you really got that about me.

I had been scared to show up so openly in my public life, and you were able to talk me through it and take the leap into trying it out! And then, working with you in Dream Work Date, I got the hand-holding and support I needed to update all my web copy, create my first 5-day challenge, new offerings, and to launch my first group program!

– Maia Macek, Life Coach and Creativity Mentor


I came to Blue because I wanted to do more speaking but felt totally blocked about my story and my message. With Blue’s help, I got clarity on my message, my story, and created an awesome talk! Her ability to really listen to how things in my life experience could tie together as a story was fantastic. I now feel more confident and comfortable on stage, sharing my story and owning my message. I’m more clear in communicating what I really want to talk about in my business. I recently shared my talk at an event and the entire experience was transformational! Blue is FANTASTIC! If you are lacking clarity in telling your story, having the confidence to do so and want to get clear on your message, work with Blue!

– Anna Goldstein, Life Coach
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