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Creativity Quests

Hey there, unfulfilled creative, misfit, or entrepreneur,

Do you feel like you have a huge vat of unrealized creative potential, but when you try to force yourself to sit down and write, you end up face-down in a bag of gluten-free cookies or baked Lays?

It’s not that you aren’t brilliant. When you’ve created something in the past, it’s felt amazing, and people loved it.

But when you try to put pen to paper, there’s so much going on in your mind that you can get lost in it. (Your mind, that is!)

Maybe every other responsibility in your life seems to have taken over, so there’s nothing left for the passion project that’s gotten SUPER dusty.

So, you beat yourself up a lot — because with all my potential, I should be accomplishing a whole lot more!!

The joy is zapped. The joie de vivre isn’t happening.

Maybe it feels like all you do is put all your energy towards everything you HAVE to do. Work. Take care of kids/relationships. Fulfill obligations. Make ends meet.

As creative beings, deep down, we really hunger for to be living a creative life.

Where life feels like it’s own creative adventure.
Where we live in the inspiration, and ideas are constantly flowing.
Where we feel on fire for our life and our creative projects.

And sometimes, to make that happen, we have to do something out of the ordinary, and shake up our lives!

You’re invited to go on a Creative Quest.

Private QuestsGroup Quests

4-Month Private Creative Quest:

in the one-on-one 4-month Creativity Quest, you will go on a journey with your own creativity.

This is your permission slip to do something purely for you. For your heart and soul and hunger to live a creative life.

I will be there cheering you on and supporting you at discovering what is within you waiting to be unearthed.

We’ll kick it off with 90-minute Intensive. You’ll get a Universal Health Principles session that supports the shifts and upgrades your body and soul are ready for. This will also support the processing of fears, anxieties, and the stories in our heads that keep us blocked.

Then we’ll create your quest map, which could include…

  • Creating clear deadlines and accountability to birth your project into the world
  • Writing and creativity rituals
  • Going on artist dates (just you and your artist!)
  • Wherever your creative instincts guide us

Every month…

We meet for two 90-minute sessions every month. We’ll start with a Universal Health Principles session to support your continual upgrades and shifts. Then, we’ll look at your creative work together, and you’ll get feedback & action steps! You’ll also get an email check-in with me between sessions, where you send me your work, and I review and offer feedback. (Up to 1 hour of review/feedback per check-in.)

Investment: $850/Month for 3 Months

Click here to get started.

Blue’s ability to tune into your frequency and delicately guide you toward your desired final destination is remarkable.

Working with Blue was like that iconic scene in Ghost where they’re shaping the clay bowl together – she was my Patrick Swayze. When I went to Lizzie with my solo show “Weaksauce”, it was more or less an unkempt mess of my personal stories. And under her guidance, she helped me shape it into a show that I didn’t even know I had in me. I’m not someone who usually enjoys collaborating with other artists when I’m writing, but Blue’s ability to tune into your frequency, and delicately guide you toward your desired final destination is remarkable. Everything she touches becomes deeper, funnier and sweeter.

– Sam Mullins, Award-winning storyteller

Blue has a remarkable ability to strengthen your work while keeping your writing voice and purpose intact.

Blue has an incredible ability to get at the heart of what needs work and gracefully help guide you to that place. She has a remarkable ability to strengthen your work while keeping your writing voice and purpose intact. Before we worked together, I was an anxious and a mess, contacting her just a week before I was to open a new show, filled with worry that what I had created wouldn’t be understandable or interesting. Her calming presence and insightful feedback gave me the support and adjustments that allowed me to focus and get up on stage a week later to sold out crowds and critical acclaim. I will keep coming back to Blue for all my future projects because I trust and respect both her creative knowledge and insight, and her prompt reliable professionalism.

– Una Osato, Award-winning Performance Artist

Group Quests

Walk and Write

Walk and Write is a 31-day journey towards clarity, inspiration, and creation. Using the magic of taking daily walks we open ourselves up to the ideas and insights constantly fluttering about us, looking to land.

Through developing our writing and walking practice, we reconnect with that soft spot of creative genius within us, we listen, and develop a habit to support every creative endeavor we desire.

Write a Book in July

Write a Book in July is a 31-day experience where as a group we each set off to write mini books. Past participants have also created more poetry, sang more, finally written that children’s book, or discovered a whole new message inside them.

Joining the Walk and Write group changed my life. I mean it.

It was past time for me to do something new. I jumped at the 31-day-challenge, feeling it would focus some action and direction. Every day turned into a new adventure. The last photo I took on day 31 will be my cover photo and title. Day after day, I was surprised by the creativity continuity produced. Wonderful idea. I still walk and write daily. A gentle discipline is good for me.

– Victoria Robertson, Writer

I would love to do it again and again.

I did Walk and Write with Elizabeth in December and loved it. It was a simple, effective but also challenging tool that was so useful in getting back in touch with myself, my struggles and my hopes. It helped me find more clarity, while getting support and wise guidance from Elizabeth and the group. I would love to do it again and again. Since doing this work, I feel more ready to follow my passion and feel more positive about the outcome. I continue to walk and write on my own, as it became a practice for me that enhances my creative process.

– Olia Toporovsky, Writer, Improviser, and Owner of Olia Designs Jewelry

Since Walk and Write, I’ve continued writing and started submitting my stories to publications!

I really appreciated the space being held. To know that others are walking and writing, and how supportive and consistent you have been in the process. Elizabeth is never without a kind word of encouragement and beauty. The CreateBooks have been excellent also. Since Walk and Write, I’ve continued writing and started submitting my stories to publications! Thank you Elizabeth! You are a lovely shining light!

– Christa Anne, Writer
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