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Am I Blue

 “A criminally funny performer who is almost certainly the love child of Kristen Schaal and Tina Fey.”

– Montreal’s Charlebois Post

Am i Blue

Am I Blue tells the story of a young woman living in New York City searching for answers to age-old spiritual questions like, “Who am I supposed to meditate to?” and “How does one get a man to actually call her?” When gurus fail to show her the secret to happiness, Blue takes matters into her own hands and goes on an adventure in search of an epiphany.

Blue collaborates with director Maia Wilde, who also directed H.R. Britton in Jesus Rant: The Religio-Comic Ravings of a Former Christian, featured in the New York and San Francisco International Fringe Festivals. Wilde and Blue have created a show which brings to life the hilarious portrayal of what the process of creating one’s “best life now” really looks like.


What People Are Saying

Pixieish, New York–based performer Elizabeth Blue walks a very funny line between self-improvement and self-involvement in her solo sketch show, tracing the modern single girl’s path to enlightenment (and fame and riches and a cute, bearded boyfriend) in the city… Over the course of an hour, Blue’s oblivious, self-absorbed character learns a little (but not too much); Blue the performer wins us over with a perky, quirky charm.

Time Out Chicago

“New York comedy fave Elizabeth Blue is giving Montrealers a masterclass in acting this week, but even if you’re not an actor you should make sure not to miss Am I Blue. A sharply comedic piece that satirizes Western culture’s quest for self-exploration, the strength of Am I Blue lies entirely in the deft performance of Ms. Blue. A veteran of NYC’s People’s Improv Theatre, Ms. Blue is a criminally funny performer who is almost certainly the love child of Kristen Schaal and Tina Fey.

The Charlebois Post, Montreal

“Blue the performer/ writer is skilled enough to let us see and feel her character’s very real pain and vulnerability, to make us want to slap and hug her at the same time. The series of satiric Bob Newhart-style monologues make you quite literally laugh out loud – but they also make you wince, as you remember all the times you acted just a little like this yourself… The winsome performer offers such a charming and funny critique of the way in which we lose ourselves in the quest for self-awareness, it’s a pleasure to spend 60 minutes in her company”

The Edmonton Journal

“Elizabeth Blue delivered one of my favorite performances I have seen at the Fringe this year. The story was nothing new: late twenties girl trying to find herself, her career, and a man. But the telling of it was spellbinding. From her very first line till the end of the play, she was committed and present in everything she did. When she spoke to someone who wasn’t actually there, I could see them in her eyes. Between excellent, funny writing and a very strong performance, she kept the audience in the palm of her hand the entire show. Great writing, compelling acting – go see this show.”

The Rover, Montreal

She hits up life coaches, sex therapists, dodgy business courses and more before finally just hitting the bars. The story, simple enough take on the modern girl’s search for happiness stays fresh and VERY funny throughout thanks to Blue’s clever writing, obvious acting talent, and the direction of Maia (Macek). It also does not hurt that Elizabeth Blue is ten pounds of adorable in a five pound bag.

The Visitorium, Ottawa

Performed to sold-out audiences in Paradiso Cinema, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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