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I’m one part Type A hardworking Virgo obsessed with Internet marketing; another, a slight lunatic who writes autobiographical comedic solo shows (sometimes involving cupcake burlesque) — and I also gallivant around the world on digital nomad adventures and spiritual seeker quests!

Emceeing at my client Selena Soo’s event, performing my solo show, falling in love with Paris, and snorkeling in Tulum.

Now, let’s get straight to the industry creds (because what you need to know first is: Can I REALLY help you?!)

I’m a seasoned copywriter who spent my first years of entrepreneurship behind the scenes helping big name entrepreneurs grow their businesses. These ambitious women were on the fast track to helping thousands and reaching their first 6 figures, multiple six figures and 1 million. I was their right-hand woman, helping them execute their vision.

While I was officially a “copywriter,” I often did much more than that…

In addition to writing copy for group program launches, mastermind launches, product launches, live events, telesummits, webinars, Facebook ads and beyond (as well as supporting with course creation and course delivery to create passionate, long-term students and customers) — I also spent hours in weekly meetings, brainstorming strategic decisions.

I’ve even played the unofficial role of project manager, overseeing the moving pieces of a successful launch. My hand was in every pie and this was my intensive training in strategy and execution of online marketing from start to finish.

I was in the unique position of doing high-level strategizing behind the scenes, as well as editing the tiniest detail in a sales page. (Every word counts!)

As a result of my thousands of hours behind the scenes, I’ve got a brain full of strategic step-by-step know-how, plus the fastest gun in the west for giving you copy guidance, editing & feedback.

Along with all that, I’m a creative at heart and a spiritual junkie.

Back in my 20’s, I was initially pursuing a comedy career in New York City, performing in weekly improv & musical comedy shows. Then, I hit my existential crisis/depression/low point. I began my spiritual journey… and entrepreneurial journey soon after. As it goes!

I turned my neuroses into a comedic solo show I toured in festivals all over North America. I was called “a criminally funny performer who is most likely the lovechild of Kristen Schaal and Tina Fey”, receiving award nominations. My “character” was a self-help obsessed 20-something who made vision boards, started philanthropic cupcake businesses, and had no clue how to get a guy to hang around for a 3rd date.

In the effort to crawl out of my existential crisis, I became a regular at Landmark Education, traveled near and far to work with shamans, did the 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat, got attuned to Reiki, trained in shamanic healing and grew a huge library of spine-bent self-help books.

Swirl that all together, and you’ve got the creative collaborator of your dreams, the strategic brain from a gazillion hours of high-caliber launch creation, topped off with some magic.

You’ve got the magic powers too, and we’re gonna tap into them!

Instead of doing “marketing tactics” that feel icky, forced, or like a ton of pressure, I help you find the strategy that feels true to you AND your target audience — based on your goals & dreams.

(Oooh, imagine LIVING in that sweet spot.)

And then, I’ll walk you through each step of the process to ship your next project into the world.

Or if it’s your message you’re stuck on, we’ll get you aligned with the core of your creative brilliance and what you’re here to say… And get you out there saying it!

Today… I’m a world traveler and digital nomad. I’ve lived in the mountains of California, swum in the beaches of Thailand, sand-boarded in Dubai, and received a blessing from a monk in Sri Lanka. I hung out with a medicine man in Tulum, rode bikes around Berlin, lived in a tiny cottage in a remote mountain town in Spain, ate life-transforming cannelloni in Barcelona, and drank champagne at Amelie’s restaurant in Paris with my love!

So, are you ready to go on a creative adventure with me?

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Photo Credit: Paris & swimsuit & black dress/onesie photos by Marc Kaysen;
Green Paint photo by Keith Huang; Am I Blue poster photo by Eric Michael Pearson