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Elizabeth Blue is an internationally performing solo show comedienne, world traveler, emcee for business and wellness events, and spiritual adventurer.

Now that sounds sexy!

Emceeing at Selena Soo’s business event, performing my solo show, falling in love with Paris, and snorkeling in Tulum.

Here’s how it all began…

Back in my 20’s, I performed in weekly improv shows & regular musical comedy shows in New York City. I performed at The Peoples Improv Theater on multiple house teams, where I specialized in breaking character mid-scene. I also performed in a musical comedy political parody duo called “Pembroke and Lu.”

I had about every odd job you could imagine on the side, like dressing in a full-body costume character Tommy the Rugrat at Coney Island in 90 degree heat, leading kids’ birthday parties at the Museum of Natural History. working at Magnolia Bakery, and baking personalized cupcakes out of my Times Square studio apartment.

Then the existential crisis hit. I got depressed, quit improv, and threw myself into spiritual work and personal development, and read Eat Pray Love as my bible. I became a regular at Landmark Education, traveled near and far to work with shamans, did the 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat, worked with life coaches, and was constantly reading self-help and spirituality books.

Am i BlueI turned my neuroses into a comedic solo show called “Am I Blue” (with the help of my incredibly brilliant director and friend Maia Wilde). My “character” was a self-help obsessed 20-something who made vision boards, started philanthropic cupcake businesses, and had no clue how to get a guy to hang around for a 3rd date. I later took this show to Fringe Festivals across Canada: Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton. It was nominated for Montreal’s “Just For Laughs” Best Comedy Award and the “Centaur Theater Best English Language Production.” And I was called “a criminally funny performer who is most likely the lovechild of Kristen Schaal and Tina Fey”!

Back in New York City, I started an online business writing marketing copy for coaches and consultants. I was good at it and got booked up fast. Grateful to no longer have to dress as costumed characters in Coney Island, I poured all my energy into my business and became a bit of a workaholic for several years.

Little did I know, soon… life was about to get VERY interesting!

I was invited to house-sit alone in the mountains of a rural town in California (where my nearest neighbor a mile away had several alpacas and exotic birds) so I gave up my 1-bedroom rent stabilized apartment in New York City, gave away almost everything I owned, sent some boxes to my parents’ house (where they still remain in the basement), and headed out to California. 

I took my writing work with me (via my laptop) and soon, I began my digital nomad adventure traveling the world.

Since then, I’ve swum in the beaches of Thailand, sand-boarded in Dubai, and received a blessing from a monk in Sri Lanka. I hung out with a medicine man in Tulum, rode bikes around Berlin, lived in a tiny cottage in a remote mountain town in Spain, ate life-transforming cannelloni in Barcelona, and drank champagne at Amelie’s restaurant in Paris!

And then I moved to Bali!

In Bali, I lived my vision board out to the fullest — dancing, playing, being creative, diving into every spiritual workshop I could get my hands on, and exploring conscious relating and intimacy.

In Bali, the performing bug hit me again. I put my show “Am I Blue” up at Paradiso Theater in Ubud, and houses were packed of people eager to laugh at the spiritual journey.

This reinvigorated my comedian self, and inspired me to start making comedy videos and get back into the Fringe Festival scene.

So I set the intention to fulfill a more-than 10-year-long dream of going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. AND THEN… I met a Scottish comedian at an open mic in Bali… which led to me booking my slot at the Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh! (This stuff really works man!)

Which brings us to today!

Still traveling and living up the digital nomad lifestyle, I’m now available as a touring artist and emcee to take my comedy shows right to you!

This summer, I’m performing my new show “Christianity Made Me A Slut” in the Montreal Fringe Festival, “Am I Blue” in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and “Am I Blue” in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

More updates to come, and in the meantime… Got an idea of something you’d like to collaborate on? Contact me!

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