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5 Reasons You Should Join Periscope Now

It’s been a busy couple weeks! I ran a race in NYC!
I hated it and was miserable the whole time! But now I definitely want to run a marathon.
Then last week, I helped my client Selena Soo with her Publicity Mastermind event. It was a huge hit. Here we are in the picture I look best in. (Let’s be honest about priorities here.)
During the event, I met Brand Strategist Kimra Luna, who was raving about Periscope, the new live-streaming app.
Have you heard other people talking about it?
Maybe your first reaction is: UGH… Another social media network to keep up with.
However, I think that Periscope is one of the best things that could happen to creative people. Especially if you get stuck writing, making videos, or trying to put yourself out there in a bigger way.
Here’s why!
Reason #1) With Periscope, you’re filming and sharing IN THE SAME MOMENT.
Why is this so powerful?
One of the biggest barriers to expressing ourselves is the editing process. That’s the point in which we usually judge something to not be good enough to share with the world.
We’re afraid to share something that isn’t “stage perfect.”
But getting something to stage perfect can take a lot of time. (That’s what keeps me in business — cuz ain’t nobody got time for that!)
As a result, we often stay silent… and feel unexpressed.
Periscope is so powerful because you’re creating and expressing simultaneously. There’s no room to judge your video “not ready yet” because it’s already out there!
Reason #2) You get immediate interaction with people all around the world.
People have bopped in to my “scopes” (live streams) from Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Dubai, France, Australia, Canada, and all around the U.S. It’s amazing!
It’s really easy to do, because Periscope has a function that lights up a world map with all the areas where people are currently scoping.
People are world-hopping at all hours of the day, searching for interesting videos to watch. So you actually can have an audience for what you’re creating.
And, they can comment in your box, so you get immediate interaction with actual humans.
Reason #3) It’s so freaking EASY TO DO.
You don’t need to spend hours writing, filming, editing, and uploading.
This app takes about 5 minutes to learn, and then you can stream a live video at any moment of any day.
And because it’s so easy, it’s super FUN! (And addictive.)
Reason #4) If you’re active on it, it’s pretty easy to get followers.
Right now, this platform is full of people who are looking for interesting content. It’s not oversaturated — yet.
So if you’ve got something to say, now’s a really great time to hop in, create stuff, and build up an audience relatively quickly.
To put it in perspective…I have 110 followers at the moment of writing this email, after signing up 1 week ago. (I’ve filmed 17 “scopes.”) I only know about 30 of my followers. Meanwhile, I’ve been on Instagram for two years, and I have 423 followers (and I’m pretty active on there).
If Periscope continues to grow like this, it will be a LOT more crowded in a just a few months.
So now’s the time to hop in!
Reason #5) You have total creative freedom.
Pretty much anything is fairgame right now on Periscope.

If you want to paint, you can film yourself painting on Persicope… and get an audience.
If you want to sing, you can stage a concert in your living room… and get an audience.
If you want to inspire people, you could host an “Inspiration Hour.”… and get an audience.
Periscope provides a space for you to spontaneously create — without overthinking or overanalyzing it.
This is coming from someone who has overthought and overanalyzed herself out of a LOT!
But yesterday… I had the inspiration to host a #writenowparty LIVE on Periscope!
And so I did!
The theme was writing newsletters. People showed up! It was awesome!
Tomorrow at 9am, I’m hosting ANOTHER #writenowparty!
You’re invited! Bring a shitty first draft of your latest newsletter, and meet me 9am ET on Periscope. (I’m at @eblueblue)!
I highly HIGHLY encourage you to check out Periscope. It’s super powerful, and super fun!
One more thing!
I’ve discovered that I LOVE interviewing brilliant humans about the creative process. Recently I interviewed brand strategist Kristen Domingue. She dropped some major truth bombs about purpose, and how to identify what REALLY lights you up.
My talk with her really lit a fire under my ass to own my purpose.
(And it definitely goes hand in hand with my periscope obsession.)
Maybe it will light some fire under your ass too!

Author: Blue

Elizabeth Blue is a copywriter, editor, and writing coach. She helps coaches + experts to write what they want (and need) to write. On her youtube show, BlueTV, she makes videos about writing, creativity, and overcoming the resistor to share your voice with the world.

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