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Pinpointing Your Purpose – BlueTV Interview with Kristen Domingue

I remember when I first stumbled onto a blog all about “finding your purpose.”

At the time, I was no longer happy on the career path I was pursuing, which was being a comedian in New York City.

It was a really confusing feeling. Suddenly I just didn’t want to do shows, I didn’t care about auditions, and being onstage didn’t excite me in the same way it had before.

It felt like a breakup.

I missed the passion I felt for comedy. I wanted to feel it again, for something else!

So, the idea that there was this purpose out there that I just needed to “find” gave me hope.

But after several years, the search for my purpose left me feeling like I was constantly trying to chase a carrot.

It felt like this whole idea of “purpose” was a marketing ploy… Or maybe just something other people get to experience.

So, when Kristen Domingue reached out to me the other day, and told me about her upcoming webinar about purpose, I was a little on the fence about sharing it.

Because I wondered: Is purpose even something that is figure-out-able?


I kept hearing this little voice that said, “You should interview Kristen for BlueTV!” And, she was up for it.

Our conversation ended up answering a LOT of questions for me about purpose…
and even giving me more clarity about mine.

Which feels REALLY freakin good.

Here’s some of what we covered in the interview:

  • why purpose isn’t something to “find”
  • what it means when you lose passion for the work you’re doing
  • what purpose has to do with relationships beginning and ending
  • how to recognize the signs about life purpose

If you’re seeking clarity on your purpose (or just curious about the conversation), check out my interview with Kristen here.

Kristen is helping people dive deeper into this for themselves in her One Life, One Purpose program.

Check it out here if you’re seeking clarity on your purpose.

After you listen to the interview, let me know below what you thought!

Author: Blue

Elizabeth Blue is a copywriter, editor, and writing coach. She helps coaches + experts to write what they want (and need) to write. On her youtube show, BlueTV, she makes videos about writing, creativity, and overcoming the resistor to share your voice with the world.

2 thoughts on “Pinpointing Your Purpose – BlueTV Interview with Kristen Domingue

  1. After having read your “introduction” above, I got really interested in this podcast with Kristen. I wouldn’t say that I’m unhappy with the career path I’m pursuing right now, but I have to admit that I’ve been asking myself more and more questions lately; questions like “What if I have an undiscovered passion and/or talent for something I don’t even know about yet ?” or “Do I really LOVE this, or have I simply chosen the safe & reasonable path ?”.

    I thought 40 minutes would be quite long, but after 5 minutes, I was really into this ! Kristen is an interesting woman and a brilliant speaker ! Very pleasant to listen to. Ultimately, the 40 minutes felt more like 20. I feel like Kristen has a LOT to share and this conversation could have gone on for much longer. Interesting conversation with fun interaction between you two.

    1. Hey Marc! I am so glad you listened and enjoyed it! Kristen definitely blew my mind in our chat. Really deep insights about purpose that put the pieces together in a whole new way! So…. did you figure out if you really love what you are doing ?

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