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This is hard for me. Every. Time.

It’s hard to write EVERY TIME. (Especially [cough cough] after getting out of the habit.)
It’s a lot like going for a run… The first mile is hard EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Here’s what flies through my head during the first 10 minutes of a run:
“This is so hard!”
“Be careful… you might hurt your knees. Or ankle. Or face.”
“Is your blood sugar dropping? You probably need a cookie.”
“If you keep going, you may faint… or die… Or worse, your future husband will see you in this horrible running outfit.”
“You should really TURN BACK NOW and go back to your apartment and eat!”
It’s amazing how REAL the voice of the resistor feels.
But the other day, as that voice crept up during Mile 1, something dawned on me…
I can’t make the resistor go away.
I have to let it just be there, and keep going anyways.
It’s either that, or quit. Every time.
So I kept running. I felt the sensations of anxiety pulsating through my veins.
The fearful resistor got louder at first. Then, like a school bully or crazy ex-boyfriend, it eventually got kind of bored nagging me and stopped.
I was able to get in the elusive FLOW. I ran 4 miles and my entire day was better.
So what I’m saying is:
When you’re sitting down to write, or going outside to run (or doing anything that helps you become the person you want to be)…
You can’t get rid of the resistor.
It’s going to be there.
And it feels REALLY uncomfortable when it shows up.
But if you allow those uncomfortable thoughts and sensations to be there, and you just keep going, they WILL get a lot quieter and drift away. 
And before you know it, you’re at Mile 2 or 3 and feeling pretty good. Or you’ve gotten a bunch of ideas on paper, and start to feel a twinkle of excitement about what this article could become.
So this is your daily reminder to JUST DO IT.
Whatever “it” is for you.
(And then keep going.)
And if you need additional motivation, watch this.



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