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what I do when I have writer’s block

Hi {!firstname_fix},

A couple nights ago, I was feeling super CRANGY.

I’ve told you about that before, right? It’s sort of like being HANGRY — when you’re so hungry you’re angry.

In this case, I was so hungry to create something that I was ANGRY!

I had the itch to write. To create. To express something!

But… I had NOTHIN. No inspiration. No creativity flowing. No brilliant insights or funny jokes.

So… (spoiler alert)… I put on a cute outfit (cuter than my yoga pants and zip-up hoodie), some makeup, and actual SHOES…

And then I LEFT my apartment!

I went seeking inspiration. And guess what. I found some. And… I had a life-changing awakening.

Check out this week’s BlueTV to hear the rest of the story!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.49.47 PM

And after you watch, leave me a comment!

How do you deal with writer’s block?
And can you relate to my experience the other night??

Let me know!!

Author: Blue

Elizabeth Blue is a copywriter, editor, and writing coach. She helps coaches + experts to write what they want (and need) to write. On her youtube show, BlueTV, she makes videos about writing, creativity, and overcoming the resistor to share your voice with the world.

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