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how to write a good subject line


What’s that random number?

It’s the amount of unread emails I have in my “inspiration” folder.

(Yup – I filter all the inspirational newsletters I subscribe to one giant folder, and keep the inbox sacred for personal emails. If you don’t do that already, I HIGHLY recommend it.)

And uh, I’m subscribed to a lot of lists.

(That’s one way I learned how to write copy – by studying other people’s!)

I rarely have time to read all the emails I get every day. But I’ll often take a peek into the folder and see which subject lines catch my attention.

The ones that don’t? They don’t even REGISTER with me! My eyes don’t even SEE them.


The subject line is freakin important!

You don’t want your email to be sitting there, lonely, in bold font because it’s unopened.

Especially if inside it, you’re saying “Hey, sign up for this strategy session” or “buy this program” or “I love you — Let’s start over?”

I made a little video for you today on how to write a good subject line.

Here are a few gems in it:

  • the three main categories of good subject lines
  • why I’m begging coaches to stop using the word “vulnerable” in the subject (plus, what to do instead)
  • what a subject line has to do with being SEXY!

Watch it here!

What questions do you have about writing awesome copy, so people read your stuff and want to work with you? Let me know in the comments!



Author: Blue

Elizabeth Blue is a copywriter, editor, and writing coach. She helps coaches + experts to write what they want (and need) to write. On her youtube show, BlueTV, she makes videos about writing, creativity, and overcoming the resistor to share your voice with the world.

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