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Are you afraid of haters too?

reptileHappy Thanksgiving! Did you eat a bunch of turkey? How bout pecan pie, chocolate pie, or chess pie? I ate all three and now I’ve got the chin of a teenager to prove it. (That’s Tina Fey’s line. Isn’t it brilliant? I so relate to her, especially on the topic of adult acne.)

Now that you have THAT visual, let’s keep this newsletter moving right along…

This week, I had a guest post published in a popular blog based in Calgary, Canada! (I love the Canadians!) I’ll share the link in a minute.

First, lemme tell ya something funny that happened.

I posted on my Facebook page that I wrote this guest blog. But I almost didn’t, because I got super afraid that haters would go read it, and think really mean thoughts about me.

Now, let’s just look at how ridiculous this is. (This is important, because these supposed “haters” stop us from getting a LOT of shit done.)

We’re all spiritually evolved here. We know that listening to thoughts from our OWN heads is a quick path to destruction.

Our fear-based thoughts come from that reptilian part of our brain run by our unconscious. This part is obsessed with food, safety, and sex. (I think… FYI – I’m not a scientist.)

Those of us who want to thrive — not just survive — do TONS of work on ourselves to stop listening to those thoughts.

However, we get totally hung up on the unconscious thoughts going through other people’s heads!

And they aren’t even the ACTUAL unconscious thoughts! They are our projections of their unconscious thoughts!

See the many layers of the backwardness of this? And yet — they feel so freaking real and dangerous.

So, I did what my client Anna Goldstein always says to do: I felt the fear and did it anyways.

I clicked “Post” and quickly ran away.

I stayed off Facebook for the next couple of hours, still feeling afraid of these vicious attacks by my haters.

Now, when I got back on, did I have a slew of angry comments waiting for me?

No! In fact, I had just a couple “likes” on my status!

So, I managed to not ruffle ANY feathers… except for maybe the imaginary ones.

I felt disappointed to not have more action on my post.

Sometimes the drama of our “haters” feels more exciting than crickets. So I do believe we play up potential “hater” drama because it’s better than getting no response at all.

I’ll share another time why I think getting little response is a very important part of the process of putting yourself out there.

For now, I’m going to go put on a face mask, and try to get my chin to that of a respectable 32-year-old woman.

How do you share what you are writing — even when you’re afraid of imaginary haters? Let me know in the comments!


P.S. Here’s the guest post! It’s short and sweet, like a 100-calorie oreo snack pack.

P.P.S. Have you been watching BlueTV? Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to get the new one this week!

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