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How to get creative clarity

For the past 8 months, I’ve been secretly planning something.

Ok, that’s HALFWAY true.

I haven’t been planning anything.

I’ve been thinking about planning something.

You know how that goes? You get the idea for the book, the video series, the retreat… but all the pieces aren’t in fully place. You aren’t TOTALLY sure what you want to talk about or teach — you just know you have the potential to knock this thing out of the park.

So you wait… and wait… and wait… for the clarity to magically pop in.

8 months later, you’re still in the SAME DAMN PLACE with the workshop you want to lead!!!

Err — at least that’s been the case for me.

Then, this week, I got the kick in the butt to GO!

(This lovingly came from a program I’m in called Wholly Shift… a HUGE part of my creative process, might I add!)

And so, I did. I WENT!

I called and booked a space. I started writing copy. I told 100 people I was doing it. I emailed a potential participant.

Here’s the thing — I still wasn’t TOTALLY clear what we’d be working on. But I finally understood that the only way for the clarity to come was to GO TOWARDS IT.

Once I started taking action, I started getting nudges towards more action.

Like: Ask the person who expressed interest in the workshop what she most wants to learn!

So, I asked her. And here’s the brilliant part. What she told me was like music from the Heavens. I know that’s so cheesy. But it genuinely felt like a message direct from God of what to teach.

Her answer was 100% the thing I am SO friggin passionate about! I am now crystal clear about the workshop!

I was so excited, I had to make a video about it! Watch this week’s BlueTV here, and see why I’m riding a broom.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.55.40 PM

So, to sum it up, here’s how to get creative clarity:

Step 1: Get the idea. Feel excited and invigorated.

Step 2: Realize quickly that there are LOTS of reasons why this thing CAN’T POSSIBLY happen now. Decide to wait until you are clear before taking action.

Step 3: Let months and months go by. Occasionally hear that project yelling out to you, asking to be born. Ignore it and eat chocolate.

Step 4: Get reminded about that thing you want to create. Get so freakin sick of yourself that you take a step forward. AND/OR: Have someone in your life who loves you and will force you to take action even though you are scared.

Step 5: Take action. ANY DAMN ACTION.

Step 6: Now that you’ve showed up for this thing, there’s somewhere clarity can actually land. You’ve proven yourself worthy, and you’re given the next piece of clarity. BING!

Step 7: Now… ride that Inspiration Train and take the next step in creating it!

So, what are you waiting for clarity on right now?

If you are waiting on a loving kick in the butt, here it is: DO IT, DAMMIT! BECAUSE YOU’RE AWESOME!

Tell me what you’re working in the comments below and what action you JUST TOOK RIGHT NOW. (Yeah, do it now!!)

P.S. If you’re in NYC and want to finally write that thing — and also learn a process that makes everything you write easier, watch your inbox. I’ll be sending you the details about my workshop next week. 🙂

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