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Welcome! I’m Elizabeth Blue.
Have a stroll around. Would you like some tea?
Hang on a sec, I’ll get it for you.
In the meantime, here’s the latest exciting news:
  • After a 2-year journey in Thailand and Bali, I kicked off a summer Fringe Festival tour of my solo shows!
  • I performed my brand new show “Christianity Made Me A Slut” in the Montreal Fringe Festival and got some great audiences and press! Like this review here, who called it “one of the standouts of this year’s fringe festival.” Wowie!
  • The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is next, and I’m excited to be taking “Am I Blue” there for the first time! Get tickets for “Am I Blue” in Winnipeg here.
  • In August, I head to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform “Am I Blue” in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. AHHHH!!! Get tickets for “Am I Blue” in Edinburgh here and invite everyone in the UK you know!

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