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I'm Elizabeth Blue

Ever gotten an exciting idea for a free challenge, guest post, group program, or retreat --- and when you sit down to try to make it happen, you get STUCK??

Well, working with me is like having a messaging guru, marketing strategist, and copywriting doula all in one… topped with a whole bunch of magic!

I’ll take you through all the steps of creating your free challenge, group program, or other big vision -- from idea to strategy to copy creation. Oh yeah, and you’ll also get energetic support to break through those upper limit blocks along the way. (And if you’re clueless about what to do next in your business, don’t worry - we can figure that out too!)

It's a full-on cataclysmic experience towards greater clarity and ultimately -- your ticket to making magic happen in your business (and bank account).

Ready to get started?

A 4-month tailored experience with strategic guidance & copy coaching to help you launch your group program!


Access your prolific ideas, turn up your inspiration, and bring your creative vision to life. Let’s go on a creative journey!


It’s time to crack open the ideas inside you and light a fire in your belly to consistently write, share & create!


Elizabeth Blue is the real deal. If you’re ready to do the work on yourself to get your message out, this is the place! Come ready… because things will shift!

Christine Walsh Egan
Author and Speaker

Elizabeth has helped me strategize and execute multiple 6-figure launches! Along with being an incredible copywriter, she’s also a gifted creative collaborator.”

Selena Soo
Publicity Coach

I’ve been in Internet marketing for over 10 years, and I know all the stuff I should be doing, but YOU are the person who’s able to actually get me taking massive action!

Jason Silver
Love Coach