That feeling in your belly is not indigestion. (You won’t find any paleo recipes here.)

That feeling is a brilliant book, talk, or story trying to find its way out of you!

But you already know you have something powerful to say.

So what’s been stopping you?

Maybe it’s the fear of coming out of the spiritual closet. (“They” will all judge you and throw actual stones through the Facebook screen.)

Or, it’s the ole’ “what if I’m just a bad writer?” fear… (Hey, even J.K. Rowling had a few shitty first drafts.)

Or, you’re just so busy doing the whole life thing — keeping clients happy, getting that group program off the ground, and trying to fully awaken in this lifetime while making it in time for cocktails.

Let’s get to it. I’m here to help you write the dang thing you want to write. So it’s something you feel beyond excited about and proud to share with the world.

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